Best Shower Radio – The Sangean H201

Check out the best shower radio: the sangean h201.

I have some safety concerns about mounting this radio to the shower wall using self-adhesive hooks. They appear later in the article and will be highlighted like this. At the time of this writing, the Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio may be the best shower radio one can buy. At, it has a total of 252 customer reviews with 194 of them having five stars. Forty-four people give the radio a rating of four stars. Together, the four- and five-star ratings total 238, or about 94% of the total reviews. That’s actually pretty impressive for any product!

Why The Sangean H201 Is the Best Shower Radio

There are several reasons why I think the Sangean H201 may be one of the best shower radio out there.

It Gets High Ratings

Customers at rated it high on five different attributes:

  1. Ease-of-use,
  2. Sound quality,
  3. Reception,
  4. Durability, and
  5. Battery life.

General Features of the Sangean H201

The best shower radio had better have a good feature set, and this radio does have that. It has an AM/FM antenna with digital tuning. It has 10 station presets (five for FM and five for AM) plus an auto-seek feature. It also boasts a nice, large backlit digital display and a timer so that you can time your showers and not have to worry about the radio staying on after your shower (i. e., the timer turns the radio off at a certain time).

How Water Resistant Is The Best Shower Radio?

To me, water resistance is what makes the difference between other shower radios and the best shower radio. People seemed quite pleased with the Sangean H201’s water resistance. It advertises that it is water resistant up to JIS level 7 (JIS = Japanese Industrial Standard). The JIS water resistance levels range from 0 to 8, with eight meaning that the object can be used underwater for prolonged periods of time. A level of 7 means that it is immersion resistant. However, I see no reason to put that claim to the test. You should probably try not to submerge the radio. I would treat it more like it was water resistant up to JSI level 4, which is splash resistant. And, even then, it’s probably a good idea to try to place the radio so it isn’t in direct line of running water or gets splashed a lot. Why invite problems?

It Has…Camping Features?

Not really a quality one expects from the best shower radio, I guess, but it sounds as though the designers of the shower radio envisioned that the radio might be used in camping situations as well because the radio has a built-in flashlight and an emergency siren…two features which puzzled some of the reviewers.

Mounting the Sangean H201

So, how does one mount the best shower radio, anyways? The Sangean H201 can be mounted in various ways. It comes with a mounting bracket and with a hook, both of which apparently need to be screwed into the wall (so these were intended for mounting the radio outside the shower stall I suppose). However, the radio has a big semi-circle handle from which you can hang it on just about anything. Some people slip it over the shower head; others run the shower rod through the handle. You could probably also easily hang it from one of these big shower hooks made by 3M. (I no longer recommend this. The hook says it can hold 7.5lbs and the radio is probably 3 or 4 pounds with batteries. Theoretically it should be fine, but, should it fall for some reason, I could see it potentially causing personal injury or property damage). Now that I no longer consider the self-adhesive hook a good idea, I see mounting this radio being a difficult thing to do, and this makes me no longer even recommend it as a shower radio despite all its superior waterproofing (unless you have handyman skills and can ensure a safe mounting for it).

Some Negatives

Yes, even the Sangean H201, possibly the best shower radio, has some negatives.

It’s heavy and difficult to mount

That’s probably the number one negative to me. With batteries, it probably weighs close to four pounds. Should it fall for any reason, I see it potentially cracking a fiberglass tub, breaking a foot, or worse. So, if you’re gonna screw it in the wall NEXT to the shower or put it on a sturdy table or shelf in the bathroom, it’s probably okay, but otherwise I think I’d pass on it.

It’s not an HD radio

Of the seven people who gave the Sangean H201 a one-star rating at, one person mistakenly thought that by “digital radio” the manufacturer meant “HD radio” (radios that receive digital signal), which is not the case. It’s an understandable error as we now call our TVs “digital TVs”, but this radio receives analog radio signal but it does have a digital tuner.

It’s mono.

It only has one speaker so it plays in mono, not in stereo.

It’s pricey

It has a normal price of $79.99; however, it does usually sell in the $60 range. Most people are probably expecting to pay $15 or $20 for a shower radio. However, since all the other shower radios seem to have severe quality problems (regardless of price), you’re probably better off either shelling out 60 bucks or doing without a shower radio, rather than to buy a “more affordable” one. Alternately, check out the shower mp3 player.

It uses two D batteries.

D batteries are heavy and not too many devices use them any more. So, yeah, if you get this radio, you should probably also buy a two pack of D batteries. Apparently, the batteries last a loooong time in these radios, so that’s why you should get a 2-pack…so you don’t have a bunch of other D batteries laying around getting stale for a year or so (unless you actually have other devices that use D batteries). You can run around to the corner store and pick up a pack or you can get them at

If you’re into mp3 players and would like to play your playlist in the shower, check out my article on the Eco-Extreme shower mp3 player case. Otherwise, check out the Sangean H201 at if you’re looking to buy the best shower radio!

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